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Australia’s COVID19 pandemic success story

Published 16-12-2020

By trusting its scientists Australia has achieved a whole new level of preventing community transmission of the deadly virus across the island continent,recording almost zero new cases in December 2020.The way of life in Australia is getting back to normal.Sydney opera house has been reopened and over 40000 spectators attended city’s rugby league grand final. Workers are being urged to return to their offices.

No cases were reported on 3rd of December, and only seven since Saturday outside of travellers in hotel quarantine. Eighteen patients are in the hospital with COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus. One is in an intensive care unit. Melbourne, the epicentre of Australia’s outbreak which recently emerged from lockdown, has not reported a case since Oct. 30.

According to expert’s opinion Australia’s success in battling the corona virus has mainly the relied on the decisions taken to quickly and tightly seal its borders, a step some others, notably in Europe, did not take. Health officials rapidly built up the manpower to track down and isolate outbreaks. And unlike the U.S. approach, every one of Australia’s states either shut their domestic borders or severely limited movement for interstate, and in some cases intrastate, travellers.

On Oct. 16 Australia opened its border to New Zealand, which, despite limited outbreaks, never experienced a full second wave. The government is awaiting results of four vaccine trials in which it has invested.

Though Australia still keeping the borders closed for aspiring international students and skilled migrants ,the future seems bright for all of them looking to study and work in Australia.With decisions made by the countries like UK and Canada, trying to seize a sizable portion of global student intake even in these difficult times, one can think that Australia is not going to hold on enclosed in the next year.

With the remarkable achievements Australia has made in terms of preventing community transmission of Covid 19,skilled workers mainly those who are from the health sector will be welcomed more than ever.

The government is clocked in laying the groundwork to form quarantine rules and pilot programs ensuring a smooth take of the skilled migrants and the international back to Australia.

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