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The student who are above 18 can study in a private technical college, government funded technical college or at a university according to your education plan. New Zealand student visas are generally granted for a year or for the period you paid for up to 4-years.

The programs are available at level 05 and 06 together in most cases and Level 07 and 08 as standalone courses. The National Diplomas, PG Diplomas, Bachelor and Master degrees are the most favorite choice for international students.

Pathway Student Visa

This gives you an opportunity to apply for three consecutive courses to be completed within 5-years with an eligible education institution. You need to satisfy the pre-requisites to the 2nd and 3rd courses to continue your stay in New Zealand.

PHD Studies in New Zealand

New Zealand offers world class research opportunities for international students, who are pursuing a research program in New Zealand, to pay the tuition fees as local students. Mostly, their children get free access to primary and secondary schools. Spouse of the student would have no restriction on work.

Spouse and Dependents visas

The immigration New Zealand is very particular about the visa applications by student dependents and spouses. Current regulations require the student visa for the main applicant to be approved prior to the applications of spouse and dependents are submitted. The working rights for the spouse depend on the strength of the relationship between the spouse and the student and the level of education program of the student.

Only a Licensed Immigration Adviser can represent or assist you with the application of the spouse and dependents.