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Entrepreneur Work Visa

This is the ideal visa to start up your ownbusiness or buy a business in New Zealand leading to the Entrepreneur Permanent Residence Visa. You are expected to invest minimum of NZ 100, 000.00 and score 120 points in the points scale.

Once your visa is granted, you need to provide evidence that you have taken steps to initiate the business. You will be granted further 2-years to run the business before you are evaluated for the permanent visa. If you need further time to run your business you can apply another Entrepreneur visa for three-years.

You can include your spouse and children under the age of 19 to this visa and they will have no work or study restrictions.

Entrepreneur Residence Visa

If you are already self-employed or run your own business in New Zealand for more than 6-months, you can apply for this permanent visa. If you want to apply for this visa before the completion of 2-years , you may need to meet the additional criteria.

You can include your spouse and the children under or at the age of 24 and they can study and work in New Zealand.

Investor 01 Visa

If you are ready to invest NZ $ 10 million in an acceptable investment over 3-years, you can apply for this visa. You can include your spouse and dependent children to this application. Initially, you will be granted a two-years visa and you need to maintain your residence for minimum of 44-days a year.

Investor 02 Resident Visa

The prospective investors who expressed their intention to invest and reside in New Zealand will be invited to apply for this visa. There is a point test criteria, in which the applicant should be under the aged 65-years and must have proven record of business or investment with sufficient funds for settlement.

Business Visitor Visa

You can visit New Zealand for business reason for three-months in any year on this visa. You can explore your business or work opportunities while you are in Australia and if you want to stay longer you can apply for another visas.

Investor 2 Resident Visa

If you are a prospective investor under the age 65-years with 3-year business experience, you can apply for this visa. You are required to invest minimum of NZ$ 3.0 million over four-year period. You must score minimum of 20 points at the Point Test. The invitations for prospective investors to make their visa application are drawn every second week through the EOI system. You can bring your spouse and the dependent children aged 24 or lower.