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Visit Visas for parents of Australian citizens and residents

Parents of Australian permanent residents and citizens are eligible for long term Visitor Visas up to five-years. This facility enables the Australian residents and citizens to bring their parents within a minimum period as Parent Visas take long period to process. This is a Multiple Entry Visa and for 1st time applicants, this visa is valid for one and half years while it gives 3-years visa for the second time applications. Applicants who have submitted their applications for Parents Visa category can get the visa for a 5- year validity period.

Working Holiday Visa (Subclass 417)

If you are in the age of 18 - 30 and you hold a passport from an eligible country, you can apply for Working Holiday Visa to work while you travel in Australia. It is valid for 12-months and can be renewed.

Work and Holiday Visa (Subclass 462)

If you are in the age of 18-30 and a citizen of Chile, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Turkey or the USA, you can apply for this visa to work in Australia to supplement the cost of your holidays.

Tourist Visa (subclass 600)

This visa is available for people who wish to travel Australia for 3, 6 or 12-months for a holiday, recreations or to visits friends and relatives. Under Tourist Visa category, you can follow a course no longer than 3-months.

Sponsored Family Visitor visa (Subclass 600)

This visa enables you to travel and visit your relatives in Australia. The eligible Australian relations must provide a guarantee that you leave the country before the visa expires. Your relations can support you while you are in Australia.

Visa refusals and appeals

We have been successfully overturned the visa refusals with our professional knowledge and experience in Australian migration law. When there is no review to refuse your application, a detail assessment of your personnel circumstances, documents and the reasons mentioned in the refusal are required to submit an appeal or a fresh application successfully. Our migration agent will carefully study your case and inform on the merits of your case whether it is possible to appeal or go for a fresh application.