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Following information is for the international students, who wish to apply for further visas leading to work and permanent visas. Former international students need to be mindful that there is no bridging visa available for applications submitted for skilled visas unless you have a valid visa to remain in Australia. If you do not have a valid visa, you will become an unlawful individual and subject to deportation. Please contact our office immediately for your assistance.

After a long stay in Australia, the Australian government welcomes international students with talents and skills enhanced by the Australian education, qualification and culture. The former international students can now apply for the following Skill Migration Pathway Visas if they meet the Australian study requirement.

This visa is to allow former international students who gained a skill and qualification related to an occupation on MLTSSL to increase their points towards permanent skilled visas. This visa is valid for 18 months and the holders may use this time to improve their English proficiency, gain work experience or complete a professional year program in relation to their prospective career. Holders of Graduate Temporary visas have no work or study restrictions. You need to lodge your application within 6-months from the date of your official results is released. Check your ELLIGIBILITY now.

Post-Study Work stream is for international students, who have graduated with eligible qualifications. This stream is only available to students, who have applied for and were granted their first Student visa to Australia on or after 5 November, 2011. A visa in this stream can be granted for up to four years, depending on qualification.

This is an ideal opportunity for former international students to improve your eligibility for permanent migration. It is advisable that you plan what you are gong to do on Post Study Work Visa before you apply. Talk to our experts and plan your future.

You may have been affected by the recent changes on Skill Occupation Lists. You may not be able to complete the necessary work experience required for the skill assessment or provisional skill assessment. Sometimes you may need more time to achieve the required IELTS marks.

In any such case, Eureka is happy to help you through. Australia offers over 400 visas. Eureka’s mission is to assist you to realize your dream through the best available visa.

Have any doubt about your future! Feel free to TALK TO OUR EXPERTS.

All applicants must have a positive skill assessment for their nominated occupation. Skill assessment is a mandatory pre- requisite for all permanent General Skill Migration visa sub classes. You need to apply for the right industry body or assessment authority for the assessment. The assessment criterion is different from one occupation to other.

Currently most of the skill assessments for former international students come in two stages. Usually the 1st stage allows you to apply for 485 Graduate Temporary Skilled Visa and the successful completion of the second stage is required for permanent visas.

IELTS or other acceptable proof of English Proficiency is in some cases, a pre- requisite for the skill assessment.

Eureka can assist you with your skill assessment as a part of your journey to Australian Permanent Residency. Simply fill our FREE ASSESSMENT to check your eligibility.

Unlike under the previous regulations, former international students will not be granted a bridging visa unless they apply for one of the Temporary Graduate Visa. At all times you need to maintain a valid visa to remain in Australia.

In any such case, Eureka is happy to help you through. Australia offers over 400 visas. Eureka’s mission is to assist you to realize your dream through the best available visa.

Have any doubt about your future? feel free to TALK TO OUR EXPERTS.

Applicants must provide all the documents, the Department of Immigration requires at the time of submitting the application. Failure to do so may result in your application is refused or can be invalid. If your application is refused, you may be barred from making further visa applications while you are in Australia and you may be asked to leave the country.

If your application is held invalid, you may not be able to lodge a fresh application on shore as the six-month period from the date of completion of your studies has expired.

Applicants therefore must make sure that they have all requirements specific to each visa subclass ready. You are more than welcome to talk to us.

Check your ELLIGIBILITY now.

  • Additional points for Australian work experience
  • Additional points for completion of a recognized professional year program
  • Opportunities to improve your employability
  • Opportunity to improve your English proficiency and claim more points.
  • Eligibility for claim more points and state sponsorship on off list criteria.
  • Eligibility for employment based visas under different employer sponsored categories.