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Singapore is one of the popular destinations in the South East Asia for people to study, work and live. It was ranked as one of QS’s top three ‘Best Student Cities’ in 2013. Studying in Singapore is costly than in any other Asian educational hub, but still cheaper than in such countries as Australia, USA, UK and Canada as the cost of living in Singapore is much lower than in those countries.

Hence Singapore lures lots of international students who pursue highly competitive knowledge for a reasonable price. The price would depend on the course and the university.

Both National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University score higher in the QS World University rankings, due in no small part to their ability to attract top students and faculty from all over the world.

Singapore has become one of the most happening cities for higher education globally. The Garden City-State is amongst the top 15 best student cities, as per QS Best Student Cities ranking 2017. This destination is quite a promising option for many international students.

Most parents or guardian generally prefer Singapore over other study destinations as it's only a five hour flight from Sri Lanka, unlike the US and UK, and gives them more connectivity with their children.

Singapore has a promisingly stable economy which doesn’t show much fluctuation in job markets and does not have many variations in work permit regulations. Singapore is a hub of over 7,500 MNCs and students have bright chances of finding employment post studies. The city ranks 11th in the employer activity index. And most employers are willing to sponsor the students once they accept the job offer after completing their studies

Easy to get permanent resident:

There are plenty of jobs available in Singapore and foreigners are usually preferred to locals as they cost less and do not have reservist obligations. Getting a permanent residence means you get to stay in Singapore for lifetime without giving up your native citizenship which helps you in bringing your family also and you would enjoy the benefits of both the worlds.

Having a PR gives a number of advantages, like you can call your family and stay forever, set up a business and more. Getting a social visit pass or work permit is relatively EASY. It is easier to get a job in Singapore than in your own country. In Singapore, you will enjoy essentially the same rights and benefits as the Singapore citizens.