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Amodern and dynamic country, Poland has full of opportunities for young people willing to get quality education, enhancing their knowledge, improving skills and boosting international experience. Each year almost half a million young people begin their education at universities and colleges in Poland.

Education system in Poland

As a top international student destination, Poland provides an enriching cultural experience to international students worldwide in its over 450 Higher Education institutions. There are highly specialized universities which enable the formation of outstanding experts from a wide spectrum of fields.

Compared to the average fees of private universities in France, Germany, the UK or Scandinavia, Poland has a good education system with lesser price.One of the biggest advantages in Poland is the low tuition and living costs. The university staff and teachers are usually friendly and willing to help and although there is room for improvement. Check out the Fees and Scholarships section.

Rates as an above average university service provider, Poland’s education market has been the most dynamically developing one in Europe during the last twelve years. The number of higher education institutions has increased fivefold while the number of students quadrupled.

Why study in Poland

  • Worldwide recognized, Quality education
  • European Union Member (28 Countries)
  • Schengen Country (visa allows to travel to 26 member countries)
  • ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) Student can take transfer to study in any EU country
  • Extended residence permission after graduation
  • Curriculum on American / International Standards. Courses completely taught in English language
  • Save one year in engineering (Bachelors for 3 years and Masters for 1.5 years to 2 years)
  • Settlement option (Blue Card). Work Full time
  • No TOEFL, IELTS required if education has been in English Medium
  • Over 36000 students came to Poland in 2014
  • Various Scholarships offered to students whilst studying such as GE Foundation, etc.
  • Part time jobs, Internships.
  • Affordable living costs up to: 180-200 Euros per month
  • Poland is the only country that had growth during recent recession


Most of the Poland universities provide some kind of student accommodation for low cost which can be as low as £80 per month for a shared room. Many students choose to live in shared apartments or houses, with costs ranging from £100-£200 per month.

Working in Poland

International students who are citizens of EU/EEA countries are eligible to work in Poland without a work permit. However, finding work in Poland without Polish language skills might be difficult. Even if you do find employment, wages are low and student jobs generally pay the equivalent of about £2 per hour