About Eureka Consultants

We understand, your decision to migrate to Australia is life changing for you and your kids and involved lot of your money and time. Australian migration law changes rapidly. Visa requirements, procedures and documents are complex and one may not be able to handle with their other responsibilities.

We are a migration and an education recruitment firm with years of international experience. We are registered with the O-MARA (The Office of Migration Agent Registration Association of Australia) the governing body of the migration profession. We are also a proud member of our professional assocoiation, Migration Alliance of Australia.

Our vision is to assist our clients to achieve their migration dream through the best possible visa option with the minimum cost and time. All applicants are treated professionally, diligently with equal importance and considered on individual basis.

As a member of a professional association we are bound by a code of conduct which sets out an enforceable high level professional standards and ethics. A copy of the code can be downloaded at www.mara.gov.au

We have an extensive network of offices around the world. Please see contact us to find the nearest office to you.

  • GAYANI WASANA Just after my A/L’s I wanted to go Australia for my further studies. So, I went to meet migration agents with m y parents. Some of them gave me hard time with the information and didn’t really put their effort to convince me to apply through them. With the fraud agencies rising around, me and my parents had this trust issues when it comes to migration agents. My parents were about to lose their interest about sending me abroad since there we no such an agent.


  • DAMITH BASNAYAKE Im damitha basnayaka past student of peradenia university engineering faculty. I would first like to mention here first that, as a person I didn’t had any intention or dream about migrating to another country just because I never thought I would stand a chance of going abroad and settling my life. One day one of my friends tagged me to a Facebook post which had posted by Eureka Consultants. It was about skill migration opportunity given by Australian government fo.


  • Sajith Wijesingha It was so fortunate of me that I got Eureka Australian Migration Experts handled my visa Application to Australia. I witnessed their genuine efforts from the beginning towards the success of my application compared to previously experienced other visa consulting firms. I was always provided with clear and easy guidance to follow and most importantly less visits I had to make till I got my visa. Awesome and Friendly staff was always helpful in all the aspects. I wish the.

    -- Sajith Wijesingha

  • RANDIMA SOYZA Thank you..!!!!   I would like to express my grateful thanks for EUREKA team for their grate support.   A very special thanks to Mr. Nuwan, Miss Piumi and Mr. Kavindu for their valuable advices And they guide us to the right path..



    “I was not sure & no courage to go apply for the New Zealand Immigration. I consulted several consultants personally & via email/phone, but none could provide the assurance of the success rate of the visa. Then by word of mouth I got to know about Mr. Nuwan. I found him man of few words but the one who keeps his promises. His staff is really helpful & the whole process for me was really smooth with their support. I never had to go personally to their office as I was busy .


  • Nuwan Kulasuriya Dear All.    I am really happy with the service that I was able to get myself and family visa within very few days. And the service procedure was very transparent. I would recommend the “Eureka Migrations” to anyone without any hesitation to reach their dreams about foreign education..

    -- Nuwan Kulasuriya


    I would like to thank Eureka consultants and Mr. Nuwan  & his team for helping me in fulfilling my dream of getting Australian PR. They know what, when and how to do the things to reach to the final destination. Mr Nuwan   had provided very detailed information and guidance at each step of the process. Their expertise and experience has always given me confidence and encouraged me to proceed further even when it was looking difficult and more on that the year long visa proces.


  • Mrs Nanayakkara

    “There are many Consultants who proclaim their expertise but Eureka consultants with Mr. Nuwan, you are in safest hands because of the transparency he maintains. Mr Nuwan is very, has thorough knowledge, thoughtful, dependable. No matter how many times we forgot to supply documents on time due to hectic schedule, he has always been patient and regular with the follow ups. His staff is also very helpful. The way he handled our case is wonderful as we interacted only on mails and phone.

    -- Mrs Nanayakkara

  • Thilanga Ariyarathna I would like to thank you, for helping me, to get my Visa approved within 5 days.I have had an amazing experience with you guiding me, patiently, all the way through to getting my Visa. I would like to add that Eureka Consultants have shown a great deal of professionalism and idealistic approach towards handling the case. The amount of knowledge in VISA assistance and consultation is definitely above par over the others in the industry. I personally Eureka consultants C.

    -- Thilanga Ariyarathna


    I am writing this letter in appreciation of your services and helping me migrate to Australia. Its been a roller coaster ride but your guidance and expertise helped make this journey a fairly smooth one. There are a lot of fine details that need consideration when applying for a VISA and that's what Eureka consultans does best. I appreciate your timely updates and co-operation in regards to the entire process. I have personally recommended Eureka consultants to a number of my friends w.


  • Dillon Rajapaksha

    A Eureka consultant is an extremely professional migration agency and I found them to be particularly knowledgeable in the area of migrating, working and studying in Australia. After consulting with numerous agents and working with a previously hired agent, I must say My Nuwan has a very good understanding of the specific requirements and guidelines of the Australian Immigration Department. He guided me to the most appropriate visa for me.While working with Mr Nuwan I really appreciated hi.

    -- Dillon Rajapaksha

  • Damith Wijekoon

    My wife and I would really like to thank Eureka consultants for really going the extra mile and seeing through the whole process of our Australia permanent residency application. We got our Aussie PR status recently and it is definitely through the sheer hard work put in by them. We are glad that we have made the decision in choosing Australia. I found out about Mr Nuwan Ballantudawa on one of my friends recommendation who already got his PR through Eureka consultants and have no regret ch.

    -- Damith Wijekoon

  • NAYANA NILANTHIE HEWAGE Moving to Australia has always been a dream of mine. Relatives & friends always shared with me on all the experiences they had in Australia.After searching more info about Australia we became attracted to the career opportunities, quality of life as well as the education. I went online, in search of agency that could help me .I send out emails & made telephone calls to several agencies some responded late while others just did not give a good vibe. However, only.



    After completing some internet research on migrating agents I selected Eureka consultants for my migration process.There were two reasons I felt at ease deciding to go with them. Their prompt yet detailed e-mail response to my application which was thankfully not an automated response and the sealer for me was. their pleasant telephone answering service which is sincere and treats you truly like a "valued client".I started my application in few months ago and I got my visa within.


  • Jayodh Hennayake

    I started searching for Immigration lawyers and agents and I have seen a lot of them, but none of them made me feel confident that they could do something for me… on my search I found Eureka consultants.I started my process with Mr Nuwan Ballantudawa. It has been a great pleasure engaging your firm’s service. You firm has always provided a warm and friendly atmosphere and your staff looked very dedicated, were very helpful and patient, and this in turn made us feel very welcom.

    -- Jayodh Hennayake

  • Wasuki Jayashankar

    When undertaking my initial research i contacted a number of Migration Agents and was immediately impressed with the professionalism of Eureka consultants. It never felt like they were talking down to us or just interested in their bottom line. Added to this was the clear and concise way in which they communicated; explaining everything in terms that made it very easy to understand what would be involved in the process. When completing paperwork and forms at various stages; both kavindu an.

    -- Wasuki Jayashankar

  • Tharindu Mendis     "In the first instance I would like to make it clear that I have not been asked to write this recommendation or have been paid to do so. I have decided to write it in gratitude to Eureka consultants and to put your mind to rest if you had decided to begin the application process. After all it would seem that as soon as you think about moving to Australia a number of companies begin to c.

    -- Tharindu Mendis

  • Chamari Nishanthi   We would like to extend our grateful thanks for your patience and understanding throughout the whole process starting from application. We consider that my visa was processed and approved so smoothly because of your experienced professional work. We have come to know Mr.Nuwan Ballanthuduwa as being efficient, reliable and trustworthy in his dealings with us. He is highly knowledgeable with immigration laws. The result of my applic.

    -- Chamari Nishanthi

  • Rev - Wanduradeniya Somissara Thero

    I would like to place on record my sincere thanks for the wonderful work you have done in helping me to get the visa to USA Australia in a very short span of time.It has been a great pleasure to be associated with you for the processing of my application. Let me take this opportunity to thank you for your invaluable help and services during the processing period in such a very short span of time.I thank you once again for the spontaneous assistance given and This is to serve as a reference.

    -- Rev - Wanduradeniya Somissara Thero

  • Ayesha Madhushani   Just a quick line or two to give you our good news  I got my visa today, These are very exciting times for me and again I send thanks for helping our dream come true. Well this feels like goodbye. I really do feel quite sad. You have already advised and helped me beyond the call of duty which I really appreciate. If ever you need a customer reference just contact us. I found the Eureka consultant is very helpful and efficient.

    -- Ayesha Madhushani

  • Dilan Palliyaguru   I would like to thank you for all your efforts and advices. To say Eureka team is absolutely fantastic and professional. The team was friendly and answered my questions very promptly regarding my options and situation. I am very happy with your organization, team and service. Your organization is excellent and it was my pleasure to be your client. After consulting with many previous agents and working with hired agents, I must say.

    -- Dilan Palliyaguru

  • Ishara Perera   I would like to grant my gratitude to Mr.Nuwan and the Eureka team for excellent job they’ve provided. They have a broad knowledge about universities and I’m really impressed at how thorough Eureka knows about migration laws and also they did help me with the best options available. I appreciate so much how passionate and concerned the Eureka team is. And also thank you for all the friendly help and for letting me feel.

    -- Ishara Perera

  • Tharanga Kamini

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the immense support and guidance you gave me throughout the whole process. I agree that Mr.Nuwn and the team entire team are working in a great and professional way and you try all your best to fulfill your client satisfaction. Getting my visa is a truly great success in my life thanks for your innovative and excellent service. Your services are honest and transparent that is rare in the area providing immigration services. Your as.

    -- Tharanga Kamini


    I can say that Eureka is the best for migration consultancy. From the beginning Eureka was a totally refreshing change to what I had been experienced before. I was given a lot of fine details that needed the consideration when applying for a visa and that’s what Eureka consultant does best. Every interaction I experienced throughout the service was exceptional, as the quality, kindness and understanding of the entire staff can be felts when as soon as you walk in the door. My case of.


  • Rekha Pathirana

    I want to thank Eureka Consultancy for the excellent service I received. I really appreciate your effort and support in handling my case so professionally and efficiently. When I chose Eureka I had hope in them. They helped me more than I expected and every staff member was friendly and listened to me throughout the whole process. The Eureka team worked with my file and they were the right people who listened to me carefully and worked towards the solution to my problem. I must also say th.

    -- Rekha Pathirana

  • Umesha Sandeepani My name is : Umesha Sandeepani and i m a permanent resident in France.before i meet Mr Nuwan unfortunately my visa was refused in two times.Then for the third time I applied through EUREKA MIGRATION EXPERTS. So i m highly appreciate your service and guidance as i already received my visa within very short period. I still remember the day when i contacted one of staff members over the phone and response was highly positive and motivated.Thank you so much Eureka and i hig.

    -- Umesha Sandeepani

  • Chathuranga Rathnayaka

    I highly recommend Eureka Consultant as my migration consultant agency. With Eureka consultants you can be sure to obtain your visa with minimum effort and time. Frankly I’m very pleased with the work done by Mr.Nuwan and the team Eureka. From the beginning I knew that I made the right decision in trusting Eureka. I would prefer everyone to have their visas done by them. Eureka is someone you can rely on. Mr.Nuwan and the team are very knowledgeable, positive attitudes and on the top.

    -- Chathuranga Rathnayaka

  • Mr Chaminda Bethmage and Family

    I would like to give my regards to Mr.Nuwan as well as the whole Eureka Team for the assistance they granted me. You have been such a lovely team to know and work with throughout resulting in great success. Thanks to team Eureka for all their hard work in dealing with my paperwork and all my questions prior to my successful visa grant. I would recommend Eureka to anyone looking to make a visa operation. And I also must say that Mr.Nuwan has a very good understanding of the specific require.

    -- Mr Chaminda Bethmage and Family


    I would like to take this opportunity to know how grateful I   am to have Mr.Nuwan as my migration consultant, as well as the staff. I have been extremely impressed with the level of service that I received from ‘’Eureka Consultants’’ regarding my migration. I was able to get my visa done easily due to the guidance that I was given by Eureka consultancy. The difference between this firm and others is simple; they give you the commitment and deliver the results .


  • VINDYA KALUPAHANA At first I must say that I’m very pleased that I chose to go with ‘’Eureka Consultancy’’ for my migration. Mr.Nuwan and the staff were wonderful, helping me in my migration matter. I highly recommend Mr.Nuwan as a professional, diligent and extremely competent consultant who helped me find the right position and identifies the key criteria I was looking for. I really appreciate the dedication that you put in to help me achieve my dream worl.


  • Sachith Kothalawala

    I would like to extend my gratitude Mr.Nuwan Ballantudawa & the Eureka team for the excellent advice they provided. They have a broad knowledge on universities and they will point you in the right direction and present you with the best options available. Especially on my case when most places gave me negative feedback about my opportunities because of a previous visa refusal. When we went there after discussing the details with Mr Nuwan explained the risks, but was willing to make.

    -- Sachith Kothalawala

  • MINOSHA KAWSHI Choosing to use an education Agent is an important decision, when we chose to use Eureka consultants we put all our trust in their skills and professionalism to help me to get the visa.  Most important thing is that I didn’t have to sit for IELTS exam, without IELTS I got my offer and I got a chance to get free air ticket also.They are a delight to work with and very good at their job. After consulting with many previous agents and working with a previously h.


  • Siththara Suvipula

    Eureka took over my student Visa application after I encountered a lot of difficulty with our previous agent which caused me to tell them I no longer needed their services. From the beginning Eureka was a totally refreshing change to what I had been dealing with over the previous 2 months. Can't fault the service they gave me, fantastic communication, professional, fast and efficient. Thanks to Eureka for all his hard work in dealing with the mountains of paperwork and all my questions.

    -- Siththara Suvipula

  • Erandi Amarasinghe I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the company, especially Mr Nuwan for helping me to have a student visa. The visa came thru in a timely manner and without problems. Mr Nuwan has a very professional and personal approach in dealing with clients. There would be times that I have difficult situations, but he was there to sort it out and put me in the right direction. I find their service to be cost effective and efficient. I would highly recommend him and th.

    -- Erandi Amarasinghe

  • Sameera Peiris

    In Sri Lanka where it's hard to identify the credibility or legitimacy of one agency, I became one of those people who are skeptical about agencies offering immediate assistance for those who want to migrate in countries like Canada, Australia and New Zealand. When I decided to choose “Eureka consultants”, I am 100 percent sure that it is legit because one of my colleagues in my previous company was able to process his migration successfully in Australia through Eureka'.

    -- Sameera Peiris

  • Uvindu Jayawardane  I’d like to give my sincere compliments and gratitude to Eureka Migration Experts in Delkanda, Nugegoda. I would like to specifically mention Registered Migration Consultant Mr. Nuwan Ballantudawa for his invaluable support in obtaining an urgent New Zealand student Visa for my wife Dinesha, who is already resided in Hamilton, New Zealand.  Currently she is undertaking her postgraduate studies at University of Waikato. There a.

    -- Uvindu Jayawardane

  • Rangani Priyanthi

    “I would like to thank you for making our dream of migrating to Australia a reality. You explained the process in a simple manner to us; also you were always there to answer our questions quickly no matter how vase or simple it is. When we hit what seemed like an obstacle with both mine and my husband's visas, you quickly explained how we could resolve the issues and guided us on how to get through it. We honestly don't know how we would have done this without your help. I wa.

    -- Rangani Priyanthi

  • Thilini Pathiraja Dear Team of Eureka consultants, When you say Eureka trust is the first word that comes to my mind. Skilled   migration process is quite tedious. I t requires a lot of knowledge in law consulting marketing advice and other requirements to ensure that the customers of Eureka can successfully receives the visa ,this knowledge is relentlessly spread across the staff of Eureka consultancy ,thanks Mr Nuwan being the capt.

    -- Thilini Pathiraja

  • Jayanath Kumbalathara Hi Eureka consultants.. just wanted to thank you for helping me out with everything... like in taking care for my Visa application, checking everything and making sure that I’ve got all documents that I needed for the application and for all the assistance you've given me all throughout.Now I got my visa!! APPROVED!! It's so surreal that I got everything ready now and it's been so quick and smooth..

    -- Jayanath Kumbalathara

  • Nadun Anjana Thank you so much Eureka consultants. I just could not express how grateful and happy I am with this outcome. The decision was really quick! Your team at Eureka are really excellent! Had I not consulted with you, I still would have been running around in circles.I wanted to study  hospitality and they advised me on the most reputable institutions in Melbourne to help me get the best qualification and they found me a course that would  best sui.

    -- Nadun Anjana

  • Udani Iresha   I would like to thank you, for helping me, to get my Visa approved within very very short period. I have had an amazing experience with you guiding me, patiently, all the way through to getting my Visa. I would like to add that, Eureka  Consultants have shown a great deal of professionalism and idealistic approach towards handling the case. The amount of knowledge in VISA assistance and consultation is definitely above par ov.

    -- Udani Iresha

  • Madhushani Perera I am writing this letter in appreciation of your services and helping me migrate to Australia.Your guidance and expertise helped make this journey a fairly smooth one. There are a lot of fine details that need consideration when applying for a VISA and that's what Eureka consultants does best. I appreciate your timely updates and co-operation in regards to the entire p.

    -- Madhushani Perera

  • Didula Dalugama My name is Didula Dalugama and I’m going to pursue my Diploma in Automotive in Australia. I had approach various consultations in the beginning but nothing contented me the way Eureka Consultants did. I was very happy I choose e Eureka; it was the best choice I made. I received constant encouragement and support from the entire team. Initially when I approached Eureka Consultants I was very very confused about the course or university I had to choose but once I sp.

    -- Didula Dalugama

  • Vidura Siriwardana  

    Thanks to Eureka for all her hard work in dealing with the mountains of paperwork and all my questions prior to my successful visa grant. Eureka was extremely patient when explaining all the visa options to us step by step. Service was fast and efficien.

    -- Vidura Siriwardana

  • Thenuka (Pasan)  Bethmage

    Eureka consultants play a great role by giving proper advice and support to apply for Australian student Visa. They have done a very good job in getting  my visa. And also they helped me in all aspects like choosing a better University, as well as the subject which have a better scope in that particular country. They have done all the job from the start till the end i.e., course selection, application filing, till getting VISA. They also arranged airport pick up and initial accommodat.

    -- Thenuka (Pasan) Bethmage

  • Malaka Prasanna Chandrawickrama

    I would summarize my experience as follows; I had less knowledge about studying in Australia, Actually I didn’t involve  personally during my visa process, Because I was in Maldives during my whole process, everything done via internet. Mr Nuwan helped me to choose a suitable course and assured complete support From the application process to visa application process. I got all the information about studying in Australia from Mr Nuwan and I sent my all the relevant certificates,.

    -- Malaka Prasanna Chandrawickrama

  • Melantha Jansz

    "If you want to study in Australia then I would recommend you that a Eureka consultant is the BEST agent. They have been in helping students for many years. They are very efficient and the counselors have very good knowledgeabout every university that they are dealing with! They help you to find the course you are looking for. They also are well versed with the formalities. Eureka helps you in every process that needs to be done by giving you the right.

    -- Melantha Jansz

  • Lakshi Karunarathna

    Thank you very much for giving me an opportunity to write a testimonial. Actually, I was all confused the day when I had the first counseling. All that in my mind was scattered thoughts about my higher studies and overseas. But you gave me confidence and clear picture of what is really happening. I never thought you as an overseas education agent but as family friend and mentor. Second thing that I would like mention is the transparency.

    -- Lakshi Karunarathna

  • Priyanwada Malalasekara

    Dear Sir /Madame,

      I am pleased to write this sincere appreciation note, as I already received dependent visas for my husband and two daughters within very short period of time. I sincerely appreciate the time you and your staff spent reviewing and coordinating the visa process for achieving a successful visa outcome.  Your kind words, advice and complete guidance were very helpful and gave my family a new hope and perspective. I still remember.

    -- Priyanwada Malalasekara


    It has been an amazing experience for me to be associated with Mr Nuwan. I was amongst those who came too late for counseling. I tried in many other consultancies, but was mostly disappointed with their reaction. But after coming to the Eureka my counselor Mr Nuwan helped me to make quick decisions and kept my spirit high. Finally, I got admission at CIC and my dream journey started.. All of my counseling sessions were very satisfactory and I want to thank every member of the team who was .

    -- RASHEED


    Oh my god what wonderful news this morning, we are both very excited, and can’t wait to be reunited with my family. We would like to thank Mr Nuwan for all your help and prompt replies when we had silly questions to ask. It has been a pain free experience apart from the wait for the visa grant !!We are both very impressed at how the case was handled, and admire the perseverance with some of the issues we faced. We have already, and will continue to recommend your services to others w.


  • Lasitha Chamath

    I met with Mr Nuwan on recommendation from a friend. I was impressed with his professionalism, approach to issues and his knowledge on the matters before him and as a team. He was methodical and more meticulous then myself on my issues. He was extremely helpful; returned my calls promptly found me a good university and kept in contact with me throughout my visa process. I highly recommend Eureka consultants for your education needs, as I do too many of my friends. They were counse.

    -- Lasitha Chamath


    Eureka Consultants helped us to narrow down with the countries, universities and courses choices based on our interests,qualifications and financial status.We are able to prepare our application documents based on the check list which they issued.Our application process was hassle free.Eureka arranged our documents in the appropriate order.We appreciate your support and guidance in winding up our all work at a time. As I heard about Eureka from but after visiting there I seriously find it .


  • Gayanjale Eeriyagama First of all I would like to thank Mr.N, Mr. Kavindu and all of eureka team for your assistant during the process of my spouse visa application. Most of the times we dealt with Mr. Kavindu and he was always there when need an advice or assistance regarding the visa process. I applied for tourist visa and spouse visa through Eureka Migration Consultants. We hadn’t anything to wary about them. Mr. Nuwan, Mr. Kavindu and Eureka team did a great job. So we got tourist.

    -- Gayanjale Eeriyagama

  • Mr.and Mrs. Bandarathilake

    I would like to thank you for your great help in assistance with obtaining Australian visas for me and my wife. I appreciate your personal approach and extensive knowledge. I was very nervous through the whole process, but you were able to provide all the necessary information to numb my fears. I cannot thank Mr. Nuwan enough for his patience and persistence in dealing with my visa request and constant requests for updates. I really appreciate your professionalism and I will recommend you .

    -- Mr.and Mrs. Bandarathilake

  • Salma Thahani

    With so many agencies, it is hard to know which one to trust with something essential as a visa application. However, getting a visa through Eureka Consultants was a breeze. Mr. Nuwan’s instructions were very clear. I was so happy with the Free advice and support I received from Mr. Nuwan and even happier when I received my student visa. The whole service was extremely professional, friendly and prompt. I would advise anyone thinking of switching to a student visa to seek advice and .

    -- Salma Thahani

  • Dilini Iyanka First of all I would like to say a big thank you for helping me in obtaining my visa. And, in my opinion the only person who deserves to be thanked to achieve this mammoth task is Mr.Nuwan Mr.Nuwan and Eureka consultants genuinely and religiously believe that customer is the king in every aspect. Throughout, the entire process he has kept me well informed on the progress as well as provided valuable inputs to make my case a stronger one..

    -- Dilini Iyanka

  • Sandamali Gunathilake

    We had an extremely pleasant experience during our interaction with Mr. Nuwan he is a well-seasoned professional and proved to be really helpful in every possible manner. From our first meeting whilst we were considering relocating abroad in attempt to seek a better future and excellent quality of work-life-balance. We were unsure where to start, which country to select and uncertain regarding the visa documentation and formalities required for lodging a visa application. Mr. Nuwan had gui.

    -- Sandamali Gunathilake

  • Sudheera Wanisundara I used Eureka to process my General skilled migration visa, because of my visa complications it turned out to be a lot more complicated than I thought. Mr Nuwan played a main role in getting visa. This enabled me to qualify to apply for a general skilled migration visa. He exactly knew just what to do and made sure Mr Nuwan provided me with effective, attentive details and prompt services that contributed to my success in applying for my visa to Australia . I can't .

    -- Sudheera Wanisundara

  • Nadeera Fauzan

    I recently married and before I go to Mr Nuwa  n my visa was refused .I was very wary about using a migration agent when we contacted Mr Nuwan. My spouse and I had already spoken with two others who had given us very conflicting information, and seemed more willing to simply take our money than to properly assist with the visa process. Reaching out to Mr Nuwan was the best decision we made; He was always straightforward with us, and kept on top of the process Without Mr Nuwan&rsq.

    -- Nadeera Fauzan

  • Shantha Kumara Nakandage

    Can't thank you enough for your services. You are a life changer for sure. The reason that I took your services was due to the positive vibe that I got the first time I visited you .Every time I had a query regarding my application; you were prompt with the reply. They were always available to answer queries, give expert inputs and guide through the PR process. The gr.

    -- Shantha Kumara Nakandage

  • Fareena Faruk From the beginning Eureka was a totally refreshing change to what we had been dealing with earlier. After using other agents and not getting the right advice, Eureka migrations was recommended to me by a friend. Can't fault the service they gave us , fantastic communication , professional , fast and efficient . Mr. Nuwan was extremely patient when explaining all the visa options to me step by step. Service was fast and efficient and communication second to none. I w.

    -- Fareena Faruk

  • Mrs. David

    Mr. Nuwan is polite, professional, prompt, and extremely effective. It put me at ease knowing Mr. Nuwan was helping me. His knowledge of the law and ability to achieve my goals were flawless. He always has treated me with the utmost dignity and respect, keeping us up to date on my case frequently. Mr. Nuwan is flexible, patient, personable, and refreshingly straightforward and honest. Mr. Nuwan carried my case out successfully and without a hitch. I never for one moment doubted his sinceri.

    -- Mrs. David

  • Rohini Hettiarachchi A huge thank you for all your efforts  Personally, I’m really happy that I chose Eureka and worked with Mr. Nuwan for my visa application. He has been very efficient and supportive on a professional level. Mr. Nuwan explained the visa process very clearly, gave me a list of things to do, documents to get and prepared the application with me step-by-step. Thanks to your work, my visa was approve.

    -- Rohini Hettiarachchi

  • Sarath Lokubandara Herath

    We are really pleased with how we were assisted. To every question we got an answer and our doubts were always immediately satisfied. Eureka Team guided us step by step, making everything much easier and faster. It is a highly professional, courteous and focused team, but mostly focused on customer satisfaction, which we believe is the most important thing..

    -- Sarath Lokubandara Herath

  • Suranga Indunil A friend of ours referred us to Eureka because of its excellent experience. From the first meeting we had together, they showed their professionalism and made us feel as if our case was important. Any queries that I may have had were responded to quickly and promptly. Having someone you can trust to navigate through all of the requirements is very important. We highly recommend this firm to anyone who is struggling with the student visa process..

    -- Suranga Indunil

  • Dadly Serasinghe Mr. Nuwan was very knowledgeable on all aspects of my visa application. He was always easily reachable and responded to any queries in a timely manner. Thank you for answering all my questions and providing sound advice. It helped a great deal to know that I had someone on our side. I would definitely recommend Eureka Consultants, and already have! .

    -- Dadly Serasinghe

  • Kulasiri Sirisena

     I was so impressed and excited the service you rendered us, it is very great news. Me and my wife jointly appreciate the great performance and administration and guidance and instruction to achieve our goal. I am taking this opportunity to thank you for your excellent job.


    -- Kulasiri Sirisena

  • Chathuranga Lakmal I would like to thank Mr. Nuwan and Eureka Team for your help and support during the process of my New Zealand student visa application. Your patience, professionalism and understanding during the entire process has been nothing short of first class and what was for me a never ending and daunting list of questions, you somehow made it look easy. I have already forwarded your details on to a few friends who are looking for guidance in the same way I was! .

    -- Chathuranga Lakmal

  • A. Sambandan

    I am grateful to Eureka Consultants for the consultation that I got regarding my Australian student visa application and I got my student visa really fast. This has been made possible only because of expertise knowledge of all its member in student visa documentation and understanding of study permit rules of Australia. I really feel great after getting my student visa..

    -- A. Sambandan

  • Ifraz Furad

    I want to thank Eureka very much for helping us successfully achieve getting Visa to Australia. Getting the Visa granted was so vital of importance to me that it was best to get professional help. Especialy in getting all the paper work (and there is loads and loads of it) organized and put together in proper order. Also it was so valuable and worth to visi.

    -- Ifraz Furad

  • Ruwan Thilina Hathurusinghe

    was feeling very intimidated by the authorities and I had nearly given up all hope, but with you representing me, I really felt like I had a voice. I highly appreciate your liaison by the regular follow-up emails to keep me aware of the progress about my case. I wish I had used your services long before so that I could have saved time and avoided all the hassle and disappointment I experienced with my previous solicitors. I have to stress that your service was very professional, very effic.

    -- Ruwan Thilina Hathurusinghe

  • Nadeesha Dilhari Hettiarachchi

    When I came to eureka consultants for the first time I knew nothing about education in the Australia. But after attending the counseling I had a confidence that these people are experts in this field and definitely they would take me in right path. I have never seen such friendly faculty anywhere and today I am in the Australia studying. I convey my heartfelt thanks to Mr Nuwan. I was a wreck and did not even know where to start.. I was told by my previous agency that I was no longer eligi.

    -- Nadeesha Dilhari Hettiarachchi

  • Mr. Anasly Perera and family

    My experience with you was an excellent one. I must say that in this world of lack of concern for the customer and of broken promises, you have proven to be a rare exception.Thank you very much for the professionalism, efficiency and competence with which you have handled my application. Not only the information and instructions provided were clear, accurate and precise, but you also proved to be very serious by paying attention to the little details. The migration plan you submitted was i.

    -- Mr. Anasly Perera and family

  • P.P. Kumara

    “I am very grateful to have received the services of Eureka consultants, which were more than good, excellent. I realize that without the services that they gave me, I could have made mistakes or obvious things that would have compromised the success of the process in question negatively. I would recommend the services of this company without hesitation to anyone needing support and assistance in PR matters. Mr Nuwan was with me step by step, from the beginning to the end throughout .

    -- P.P. Kumara

  • Kavinda Gimhani

    Thank you so much for helping us in getting this visa Mr. Nuwan, you have been absolutely fantastic all throughout last two months. We are glad that we chose Eureka Australian Migration Experts over all the other agents. We also appreciate your putting up with our numerous emails and getting back with prompt replies. You have been awesome, I would definitely recommend Eur.

    -- Kavinda Gimhani

  • Thekshana Karunarathna

    I am so surprised and delighted when I hear that my Australian Student application is successful and approved so quickly. It has been a pleasure to have you as my migration agent. Your fee offers extreme good value for money compared to the service you provided. Not only because you are MARA agent, but also your experience and professional expertise are the main factors t.

    -- Thekshana Karunarathna

  • Kithmini Gayanjali

    A few months ago I asked Mr Nuwan and his team to assist me in getting my visa. I have to wholeheartedly say that Mr Nuwan has been absolutely amazing in getting me my visa, and that too without an interview. He addressed every single minute detail to ensure that my application went through successfully and having consulted other immigration lawyers, I have.

    -- Kithmini Gayanjali

  • Dulip Malinda

    Hearing that our visa is approved is the best news ever. Thank you so much for all your help. It is much appreciated. I'll pass on all your details to other s that I know!.I am so relieved that it came through so quick. I found you all to be helpful, understanding and very professional. With your aid, I found the migration process to be smooth and stress free which is exactly what I needed having had difficulties in the past. I would gladly recommend their services to anyone. Thanks ag.

    -- Dulip Malinda

  • Srinath Hiran

    Mr Nuwan from Eureka consultants provided an excellent service throughout my visa application. He is very professional in his approach and left no stone unturned during my visa process. He helped greatly with quick responses to my queries and made it easy for me once I provided the relevant documents. Overall I was more than happy with Mr Nuwan s professionalism and his thorough approach when dealing with me. Finally, I would highly recommend Eureka consultants for anyone seeking a migrati.

    -- Srinath Hiran

  • Dr. Harsha Ruwanthi. Just to let you know that I have received my visa.  This is just an email to thank you and your team for the wonderful service you have provided me. I found it to be extremely efficient and professional from start to finish. Both me and my spouse have used other immigration lawyers in the past for our visa needs in the past .but it is very clear to me that your quality of service has far exceeded theirs. In addition to the amazingly.

    -- Dr. Harsha Ruwanthi.

  • R. Herath

    Firstly, I would say that eureka consultants were outstanding in their professionalism and business ethic, by the way in which they handled my application from start to finish. From the time that I picked up the phone to inquire until the time that I received my Australian permanent residency visa, I have to say that I was extremely impressed with the personal service, efficiency, determination and commitment that eureka consultants provided to me. They made me feel so confident and reassu.

    -- R. Herath

  • Kumari wijesundara

    "I am writing to say thank you for your assistance and it was great working with an individual who was so knowledgeable about the visa application process. I especially appreciated your friendly manner, your professionalism, your attention to detail and the fact that you delivered the visa on schedule. Thank you for your timely work and quick processing. Your company delivered true on its promises. I have been unhappy with my previous experiences in obtaining my visa from other compan.

    -- Kumari wijesundara

  • Heshini Chithma Samarasekara

    I found the Eureka consultants very helpful and efficient with their service.  The information provided to me was prompt and accurate and they helped me through the entire process of applying for a student visa. I wouldn't have known where to start but Mr. Nuwan was very helpful and guided me through every step of the way. I would recommend using the Eureka Consultants to anyone looking to study in Australia.  Thanks so much for your help, it’s much appreciated and you .

    -- Heshini Chithma Samarasekara

  • Hasini Chamal De silva

    To me Eureka is a dependable team of professionals who have got what it takes to fulfill your Australian immigration dreams. Since the time I first joined I have a better understanding of the Australian visa policy and other openings. The staff has been very friendly and helpful in answering my questions. They have no nonsense policy, what you see is what you get and I am pleased with the service that has been extended to me. My contribution to this process was to deliver the documentation.

    -- Hasini Chamal De silva

  • Mohammed Zahlan The story of my immigration to Australia goes back to 1 years ago when I decided to migrate to another country to achieve higher standards of living and education. At the start, I went through all the details and information mentioned on Australian Government website. Although everything had been explained very clearly and it looks very simple to get exactly what is needed for migrate to Australia. But there are a lot of hidden traps which in my opinion, play a very imp.

    -- Mohammed Zahlan

  • Sasantha Madhushani

    It was a very bad day when my husband and I got the bad news from the visa company we were using, that our student visa was refused. I was told by my previous agency that I was no longer eligible for a student visa again. Then I spoke with many agents in Colombo and they all made promises and were eager to take my money. But none of them could deliver on the promises they made and I lost money. I met with Eureka Consultants on recommendation from a friend. They offered me very friendly and.

    -- Sasantha Madhushani

  • DayaniChandrika (Attorney - at – Law)

    I had many problems regarding studying overseas. Specially about changing my career, financially my studies and permanent settlement in Australia. Eureka had answers for all of these based on 1st hand experience which helped me to settle smoothly in Melbourne.


    -- DayaniChandrika (Attorney - at – Law)

  • Upul Abesinghe

    Without Eureka, oversees education could become a lifelong dream. They perfectly  understood my financial affordability and job prospects.


    -- Upul Abesinghe

  • Shashikala De Silva

    It’s a complete visa service indeed. They helped met to get the students visa. My family  also could pay a visit to attend my graduation and share the joy because of Eureka’s assistance.  


    -- Shashikala De Silva

  • Shashika Dias

    They assisted me to choose course and a university. When I arrived in Brisbane I was welcomed warmly at the airport. Accommodations had been already arranged. It’s an A – Z perfect service indeed.


    -- Shashika Dias

  • ShehanDabarera

    After completion of my studies at Griffith university, Eureka guided me to apply for graduate skilled visa and complete a professional year studies in accounting . Now I work as an accountant in a leading privet firm. That is why I can say that eureka is the best place for study, work and migration solutions.


    -- ShehanDabarera

  • MihinduAbeywardena

    Because of my busy work schedule as a chef I would not be able to get Australia PR without Eureka’s assistance. Thanks to Eureka’s vigilant and timely service I could avoid the unfavorable changes in regulations. I can undoubtedly say that I got “ value for my money”.


    -- MihinduAbeywardena

  • Melissa Joan Maree Thelan This is a great time to express our thanks to you. I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you very much for all your helpful advice in the past which has led to my permanent resident status. Our lives have been given some light because of you. You always made very clear and easy to understand the strategy options and what you needed from us for when and most importantly why. Now I can fully concentrate on planning for our future because of your firm’s profe.

    -- Melissa Joan Maree Thelan

  • Duvini Wijesundara

    Dear Eureka,

     I would like to thank you for the great support and guidance provided in getting the Australian student visa successfully processed.That’s why my friends already started process with you .I got the chance to apply to a recognized university through eureka .I would recommend eureka to any students who is willing to study abroad . Eureka is a place where people have solutions for their higher education dreams. I remember it has been nearly three months int.

    -- Duvini Wijesundara

  • Thisari Swapna

    Dear Eureka,

    Nothing can convey the amount of gratitude i owe you for all your support to get my visa for Australia. From the first day itself I came to Eureka Consultants I was so satisfied with all the hard work and the friendly environment in the office. I specially thank Mr. Nuwan and Mr. Kavindu for their hard work which was the main reason for me to get my student visa under so many problems. I definetely recommend Eureka for all the visa needs to all my friends. Thank You.

    -- Thisari Swapna

  • Ajantha Jayawardana

     Dear Kavindu,

      Trust you are doing well. Sorry for late writing to you. I arrived to Australia couple of weeks back. Everything is fine here and I'm doing good. I couldn't come and say good bye to you before leaving SL since had to get done lots of stuff during that short period. I had to work till last day of leaving. Kavindu, Thank you very much for all your assistance and support for my visa process. Appreciate your service .

    -- Ajantha Jayawardana

  • Themiya Jayawardena

      With so many student visa consultants it is hard to know which one to trust with something very important as a visa application. Eureka Consultants was recommended to me by my mother. From the first meeting with Mr. Nuwan he assured me that they can find a course to suit my needs keeping in mind of my previous qualifications and my urgency to enroll in a good college. Mr. Nuwan’s instructions were very clear and he processed my request within less than two three days. &nb.

    -- Themiya Jayawardena

  • H.A. Vindya Dilshani

     To Team Eureka,

                 I would like to thank the Eureka team who did a great job in getting me the Australian student visa for my higher education. Eureka Australian Migration Experts is a well-recognized and responsible migration agent who’s doing their particular job perfectly.              My special thank you goes to mr. Kavindu Kandage who handled my visa file. In the be.

    -- H.A. Vindya Dilshani

  • Shamila Hamza

     We recently got our Australian PR. We are highly satisfied with the support of 'Eureka Consultants  in achieving this. We left to Saudi Arabia soon after starting the migration application process, but we could comfortably do the process online with Eureka. We admire the knowledge and expertise of Mr Nuwan in handling our application. We wish all success to Eureka Consultancies. 

    Occupation - Accountant  - Sub Class 189 Sharmila Hamza.

    -- Shamila Hamza

  • Amila Badungodage

    My name is Amila Badungodage. I am an interior architect. As I had the idea of Migrating to Australia, I have been looking for a perfect consultant. I heard about Eureka Consultants from my friend and then I sent my CV. Eureka consultants gave me very comprehensive details about my eligibility. The migration agent gave me a very clear idea about the PR. Their work is very standard. And they advised me all the time regarding the document preparation. They were very faithful and dependable. .

    -- Amila Badungodage

  • Ashen Sheeranga

    I have been studying in Malaysia for 4 years and since that time I tried to apply to Australia. When I come to Sri Lanka I visited many consultants and all of them gave me a hard time. But as soon as I met Eureka Consultants they gave me advices from A-Z. They help to choose the universities and also throughout the whole process. Eureka’s crew has a good knowledge about the visa process, how to approach people and they have good way of communication. I think Eureka consultant is a pl.

    -- Ashen Sheeranga

  • Samith Pinnaduwa

     "Eureka Consultant is the best place to rely on for any type of visa related services if you are looking for a reliable, committed service with an affordable price.  They were very supportive and we were able to contact them anytime to get things clarified without issues. We would like to thank Mr. Nuwan and the team for all their support given in getting our PR without a hassle. We wish them all the very best in all their future endeavors."


    -- Samith Pinnaduwa

  • Mihindu Abeywardane

     I came cross the Eureka Consultants on Google when I was working in Oman. Through out the application process I was in Oman and never met them in person. All communications and documentation were done online.  Thanks to Eureka’s vigilant and timely service I could avoid the unfavorable changes in regulations.  Now my family is well settled in Darwin as permanent residents. I can undoudtly say I  got the “Value for Money” 


    -- Mihindu Abeywardane

  • Mr. Kusumpala Hettiarachi and Mrs. Jinadasa

    We highly admire their knowledge in migration and expertise in all Visa related work. The commitment and dependability is the best part that we discovered in them. We wholeheartedly recommend Eureka to any student/parent without hesitation. We wish them all the success in every endeavor!!"


    -- Mr. Kusumpala Hettiarachi and Mrs. Jinadasa

  • Mrs. Thayani Shashintha, husband and two kids

    "Pursuing Business studies in Undergraduate level in a developed country was a dream I nurtured. I and my husband went various places and what they offer me was off my budget. And finally we met Eureka Consultants at an educational exhibition. It is vital to mention that thousands of our questions were clarified by the counselors incredibly and logically where we took the decision to apply through Eureka Consultants.

    Currently we are in Australia, and Eureka Consultant.

    -- Mrs. Thayani Shashintha, husband and two kids

  • Mrs. Nishadi Wijesinghe and her Husband

    I went to the best Agency as my friend recommend to me to Eureka Consultants, really as she told there are the best. Best in customer service, best in migration knowledge, best in handling documents. Within shorter duration Eureka manage to get my Visit Visa to New Zealand.


    -- Mrs. Nishadi Wijesinghe and her Husband

  • Jayam Aajithan

    Studying in the Australia may be the biggest challenge that you may have to face when you are going through your life. Applying for a VISA and getting a VISA is much harder than any other country.

    I recommend Eureka Consultants to anybody who wants to go to Australia for higher education. They help you from college application to VISA and every other thing that you want to know. Actually Eureka consultants, the one was building my confident. They made my dream c.

    -- Jayam Aajithan

  • Mr. saddam  Adil (Maldives)

    Eureka consultation fee was really reasonable. When we visit other agencies, because we are Maldivians they try to charge more processing fee.


    -- Mr. saddam Adil (Maldives)

  • Mr. Duncan danthanarayana, Mrs. Thusitha weeraddanai

    we wish all the best to Eureka consultants for the service done by the management.


    -- Mr. Duncan danthanarayana, Mrs. Thusitha weeraddanai

  • Sujatha ganganayake, Manori perera, Chandrasena ruhunugamage

    We really appreciate the support given by Eureka Consultants, with out a hassle we manage to get our Visit visa.


    -- Sujatha ganganayake, Manori perera, Chandrasena ruhunugamage

  • Akila Eroshan

    "Coming to Australia and getting the right and dignified education from a highly recognized awarding body wouldn't have been a reality without the built given by Eureka. They provided me efficient and most reliable services that is beyond words. I was very much comfortable and satisfied with the services provided to me at the time I opted to pursue my higher studies in Australia


    -- Akila Eroshan

  • Sachin Madhushanka

    My wife went to study Australia from another agency; they told I can’t go as dependant with her. When I came to Eureka they manage to get dependant visa. It reflects the competency of Eureka Consultants


    -- Sachin Madhushanka

  • Novoda

    Hey!! I'm Novoda, I was a Student of Eureka Consultants. Now I am studying for University of Ballarat- Australia. I was always dreaming  to migrate Australia . Eureka made my dream come true. I'm not just joining the words to say Eureka  is a good place but I prefer to put it as the best place to make your higher education dream come true.


    -- Novoda

  • Mr.Lalith & Family

     We planned to visit Australia in many years ago. But we had some problems regarding visiting Australia. When we visit the Eureka Migration consultants we understand that they are the well experienced consultants. They answered for all the issues and help us to migrate to Australia in this year for the visit purpose. So I recommend Eureka Consultants to all migration purposes. 


    -- Mr.Lalith & Family

  • Mr. & Ms. Ramawickrama

     My wife and I planned to visit Australia in this year (2013). For the consultation purpose we visited the Eureka Migration. After our first visit we felt confident on them because of their guiding and the understanding. I recommend Eureka for who wants to Study, work or Migrate to Australia. I wish best of luck for Eureka and the team.


    -- Mr. & Ms. Ramawickrama

  • Ms. Narmadha Bandara

     I wished to visit the Australia as a spouse. When I visit the Eureka Consultant I got to know that they are the well experienced consultants in the field. I just need to thank to the consultant Mr.Nuwan Ballantuduwa and his staff for care and understanding that was shown for us.


    -- Ms. Narmadha Bandara

  • Mr.Jude Roshantha

     Without Eureka the visiting to Australia could become a long target in my life. I got the visit visa very easily to the Australia because of their effort. Thank for Eureka to help me fill my life target.


    -- Mr.Jude Roshantha

  • Ms.Rebecca Nirmalee

     My husband was already in Australia and I suppose to migrate to Australia as Spouse. The  Eureka consultant is the place which guided me to make my dream come true. They have great understanding and experience in the field to fulfill our requirements. I recommend Eureka Australian Migration Expert to all whom willing to migrate Australia.


    -- Ms.Rebecca Nirmalee

  • Mr.Gamage & Family

     I and my family had a dream to visit Australia. We fulfill our consultation need from the Eureka Consultants in Nugegoda. They are professionally qualified lawyers and registered migration agents to provide immigration advice. We got the advices and all the needs for the consultation from them. I think that I got the correct decision by visiting the Eureka Australian Migration Expert.  So I recommend eureka for my friends who wish to visit or study in Australia.


    -- Mr.Gamage & Family

  • Ms. Mallica Fernando

    I planned to migrate Australia in 2013.But I had several problems in regarding the migration. When I heard about Eureka Consultants I was not sure that they can fulfill my need. But when I visit there I had a great service which I was not expected. The consultant Mr.Nuwan  Ballantudawa was always in my side to fill my document and to get the visa soon. So I like to thank Eureka for all the great full effort.


    -- Ms. Mallica Fernando

  • Ms. Chandrawathy (Anusha Damayanthi’s Mother)

     Eureka Migration Consultants are one stop visa migration center for everyone who willing to migrate to Australia. I applied visa for Australia for the visit purpose. They help me to get my visa for Australia without any issue. They have very helpful staff and they treat us with better understanding. I’m very thankful to Migration agent Mr.Nuwan Ballantudawa and his team for make my tour success.


    -- Ms. Chandrawathy (Anusha Damayanthi’s Mother)

  • Mr.Sulantha sanjeewa

    My wife was already study in the Australia and I needed to migrate Australia as the student depended. On the very first time I visited there they understood me and I thank for Eureka for giving their genuine support .I recommended Eureka for all who wants to Study, work or Migrate to Australia


    -- Mr.Sulantha sanjeewa

  • Mr.Tharindu Ranwala  It is A to Z complete visa service not found elsewhere. They helped me to get the student visa in Latrobe University and provide me a high level of service which I never expected. I just want to thank you for all the support that has given me to study in Australia.  .

    -- Mr.Tharindu Ranwala

  • Ms.Vanessa Elisabeth

    I would like to say that Eureka is the best place for all our study, work and migration needs. They are not just the consultants. They perfectly understood about all my issues and needs and I’m thanking to Eureka that has given me the suitable pathway for my studies.


    -- Ms.Vanessa Elisabeth

  • Ms. Imesha Jayangi

    I had a dream of studying in overseas. But it was a challenge for me due to some reasons. But Eureka helped me to get the student visa as I wished. Now I can be a graduate in world recognize university because of the Eureka.


    -- Ms. Imesha Jayangi

  • Ms.Thushara Hewapathirana

    "Just wanted to thank you for all the help with my Student Visa. I'd like to say that you did the level of service which we never expected. I am so grateful for the care and understanding that was shown by you. I can assure you that Erueka Consultant will be the first one that I would be approaching for all my future visa needs and Will promoting Eureka as best migrating consultant for all of my friends. Thank you once again."


    -- Ms.Thushara Hewapathirana

  • Ms. Shalika Pathirana

    Eureka Migration Consultants is the best place to go if you are looking for a very supportive, reliable, reachable and affordable place to get help for your visa process. When I first got to know about Eureka migration consultants through a referral, I was not sure as they do not advertise much compared to the others in the field. After my first visit I felt confident on them due to their extreme openness and genuine support. The consultant Mr. Nuwan Ballantudawa is always available to cla.

    -- Ms. Shalika Pathirana


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